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We are committed to helping you present federal retirement briefings to your agency or chapter members.  Whether you are looking for all day, 1/2 day, or lunch and learn presentations, we can design a plan that is right for your group.

FERS Comprehensive Seminar<br/><sup>(3-4 hours)</sup>

FERS Comprehensive Seminar
(3-4 hours)

Covers all aspects of FERS federal retirement including regular employees, air traffic controllers, and law enforcement officers. This is actually three separate seminars that can be offered as individual one hour classes.

  • Pension, Survivor Benefits, and FERS Supplement: Covers how the pension is calculated, goes into the details of the components that make up the pension calculation. Survivor Benefit options and cost.
  • FERS Supplement, how it is calculated and earnings test implications with  some Social Security planning.
  • TSP: Contributions, fund choices, withdraw options, and investing basics
  • FEGLI: Life Insurance basics, how FEGLI works and costs for Basic and Options, Private vs. FEGLI
  • Long Term Care: What is it? The need for it, and how it works
Exit Strategy Seminar<br/><sup>(2 hours)</sup>

Exit Strategy Seminar
(2 hours)

This seminar is tailored for those with less than 12 months until retirement.  We encourage spouses to attend this class also.

  • How do you picture retirement?
  • Teaches how to create a robust 30 year retirement plan & budgeting.
  • Prioritizing expenses to conincide with retirement vision.
  • Planning for the 'What ifs": unexpected expenses, inflation, medicare, and medical expenses, and long term care
  • Social Security Planning: when should you take it? If married when should we take it and Spousal and survivor benefits.
  • Investing for Lifetime Income: how to manage TSP in retirement? The need for diversification what is a safe withdraw rate?
  • Case Study: go through and find practical application
  • Teach how to fill in Retirement Paperwork
Federal Retirement Overview<br/><sup>(1 hour)</sup>

Federal Retirement Overview
(1 hour)

This class will focus on presenting the basics to begin planning for your retirement years.

  • Pension Calculations and Survivor Benefits
  • FERS Supplement and Social Security calculations
  • TSP investments and withdraw options.
5 Mistakes Made In Retirement<br/><sup>(1 Hour)</sup>

5 Mistakes Made In Retirement
(1 Hour)

This is a short interactive overview presentation.

  • Touches on 5 key point all federal employees need to know before retiring.
  • Covers high level issues such as retirement computation date, interim pay from OPM, Survivor Benefits, TSP, and FEGLI
One Hour Presentations

One Hour Presentations

We offer a number of one hour presentations about different subjects.

  • Social Security Benefits
  • Estate Planning Basics
  • Retirement Income Planning
  • Financial Planning Basics
  • Investment Planning Basics
  • Planning for Long Term Care
  • Many other options

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